9 Hole Mixed

1st Charles Byrne, Miriam Byrne, Stephen Doyle, Teresa Sheehan 49pts
2nd Ann Byrne, Jerry Brennan, Marese Grogan, Mike O’Donaghue 49pts
3rd Bernie COx, Madeleine Brennan, Tom Munnelly, Seamus O’Connor 48pts

Ladies & Gents Open Seniors


1st Joe Costigan (24) 40pts
Cat A Pat Lacey (14) 37pts
Cat B Sean Costello (15) 37pts
Cat C Jim Lawler (16) 34pts
Gross David Walpoole (Milltown) 34pts

CSS 35pts (Visitors 33pts)


1st Bridie Slater (29) 41pts
2nd Eileen Brennan (26) 40pts
Gross Madeleine Brennan (10) 25pts
3rd Catherine Dempsey (32) 37pts

CSS 37pts

9 Hole Team of 4

1st Tom Deane, Tom McDonald, Jim Lawler, Billy Fanning 49pts (50-1)
2nd John Ivory, Karl Fleming, Greg Fleming, Richard Doyle 46pts (47-1)
3rd Gary Doody, Josh Munnelly, Peadar Munnelly, Ger Curtis 45pts

18 Hole Club Singles Stableford

1st Peter White 40 pts (14)
2nd David Farrell 39 pts (07)
3rd Liam Quinn 39 pts (09)
Gross Michael J Dowling 38 pts (06)
4th Niall McLoughlin 37 pts (15)
5th Cormac Mullarkey 37 pts (11)
6th Brendan Byrne 37 pts (11)
7th Eric Hanley 37 pts (12)
8th Pat F O’Brien 37 pts (16)
9th Dave Munnelly 36 pts (13)


CSS Sat 34pts
CSS Sun 33pts

9 Hole Team of 4

1st Sean Kane, Michael O’Toole, Declan Doody, Jim Farrell 47pts (48-1)
2nd Tom Byrne, Tom Ryan, Alsybury, Pat O’Brien 47pts
3rd Tony Quigley, Tommy Fennelly, Maurice Walshe, Peter White 46pts

Lady Captains Prize to Mens Club

1st John Hegarty 41 pts (10)
2nd Teddy Ffrench 39 pts (04)
3rd Francis Fitzpatrick 38 pts (11)
Gross John Barry 33 pts (04)
4th Tom A Snoddy 38 pts (12)
5th James Dempsey 37 pts (11)
6th Seamus Farrell 37 pts (17)
7th PJ O’Neill 37 pts (12)
8th John Brophy 37 pts (09)
9th Daniel O’Boyle 37 pts (06)


CSS 34Pts


9 Hole Mixed

1st PJ O’Neill, Eamonn Culleton, Agnes O’Neill, Martha Murphy 46pts
2nd Paul Culleton, PJ Reddy, Liz McGloughlin, Kay O’Sullivan 46pts
3rd Liz Whelan, Chris Owens, Evelyn Dolan-Cronly, Bernard Doyle 44pts

9 Hole Team of 4

1st Peter White, Maurice Walsh, Tommy Fennelly, Tony Quigley 51pts
2nd Tom Dean, Jim LAwler, Tom McDonald, Eric Lyons 46pts
3rd Noel Rea, Paul Rea, Anthony Ryan, Tom Scully 46Pts